10 Organic Foods That Are Worth Buying

Your body is susceptible to accumulating debris and contaminants through the foods you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. It is quite possible to rid your body of many of these contaminants by including organic foods in your diet. Unfortunately, organic food is expensive and not easily available compared to conventional foods. However, while you may not be able to go totally organic, you can add some organic foods to your diet. Here’s a list of organic foods you should consider buying:

Potatoes: Potatoes that are grown conventionally contain the highest pesticides contents among all fruits and vegetables. Studies indicate that even after being washed and peeled, conventional potatoes were found to contain pesticides. Organic potatoes should be your first choice.

Apples: More than forty different types of pesticides have been found on apples due to the threat of fungus and insects that prompts farmers to spray chemicals on their orchards. As apples are a favourite among children, consider buying organic ones.

Beef: When animals are raised conventionally, they are fed medications and growth hormones to deal with diseases and to facilitate growth. The hormones increase the levels of estrogen and testosterone, which in turn can have a strong effect on your health. Organic farmers feed their animals with grains that are grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Also, the animals are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.

Dairy Products: Milk is a staple food for children, therefore it is important to buy organic milk. Conventional farmers usually feed their cows with rBGH to increase milk production. Studies have indicated adverse effects of rBGH on humans. Organic milk is pure and free from contaminants. Cows that are raised in organic dairies are fed organic grains. Growth hormones and antibiotics are not allowed.

Kale And Spinach: Spinach and kale are green leafy vegetables that are loaded with beneficial nutrients such as iron. However, when grown conventionally, they are sprayed with more than twenty types of pesticides. A USDA study found around fifty pesticides in spinach.

Celery: As celery does not have a protective outer layer, you should buy organic. According to various studies, more than sixty diverse types of pesticides were found on celery, the residue of which is not easily washed off and may get into the body, causing numerous health issues.

Peaches: Peaches are thin skinned fruits that should be bought organically. Conventionally grown peaches absorb pesticides, fungicides and other contaminants that are hard to remove through washing. Peeling the fruit won’t remove all its nutrients.

Eggs: Organic eggs are best for consumption since they are obtained from chickens that are fed organic grains and raised in a healthy environment.

Berries: Amongst all the fruits, berries are considered to be very nutritious because of the large amounts of antioxidants they contain. Organic berries have larger amounts of antioxidants while conventionally grown berries are deprived of antioxidants and nutrients.

Baby Foods: Babies are more sensitive and vulnerable to infections than adults. Consumption of conventionally grown foods can reduce the IQ levels of children. Thus, the foods given to babies should be free from contaminants and pesticides. Expectant mothers should also try to eat organically to protect the fetus from harm.

Your health is defined by the foods you eat. Eat healthily remain healthy!

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