Herb Of The Week: Cuban Oregano

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This week my pick for the herb of the week is Cuban Oregano.   I am still going to call this plant Cuban Oregano but in other countries it can be called thyme or in India its even called Borage.  It looks like a Coleus but it is actually a member of the mint family which is fascinating to me because it’s not minty at all and it is thought to have originated in India.

This herb is my very favorite right now because it propagates so easily and it has kind of a distinct intense lemony/lime taste…a great compliment to mexican cooking and it has a property in it that helps to neutralize spice or capsicum.

These leaves are often used in stuffing and flavoring meat…..basically you could really use this herb the same way you would use sage.  Sometimes it helps me think of another herb that was typically used when I was growing up when I branch out and try something new.

Home Apothecary

Some cultures make a mild tea with a couple of leaves and boiling water with this plant which will eventually become a small shrub and often prescribe it for digestive problems, respiratory ailments, and arthritis.

It can be made into a syrup with tea and sugar for sore throat and coughs to help ease symptoms.

Some gardeners rub cuban oregano all over the skin and use it as an insect repellant.

It is also known for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Some have processed the leaves into oil to rub on your chest for a bronchial remedy.  Oregano oil should never be taken internally it can be used externally for cuts/scrapes etc….

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my favorite herb this week!

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