Nutritional Supplements For Diabetics

Whether you are Pre-Diabetic, Diabetic I or Diabetic II, it’s imperative that you know the interactions between the nutritional supplements you want (or may want to take) and the medications that you are currently taking.

Obviously, you want to talk with your physician before stopping any medication AND you also want your physician to know what supplements you are currently taking or may want to start.

A great book to give you the basic understanding on how herbs, nutritional supplements and other natural products can be used to treat diabetes and how they can be used in conjunction with your current medication is American Diabetes Association Guide to Herbs and Nutritional Supplements: What You Need to Know from Aloe to Zinc by Laura Shane-McWhorter C.D.E  Click on the link for more information about the book and other books by Laura Shane-McWhorter C.D.E.